But The Label Makes Me Feel Better

I can see you, force pushing me

I have named you

Put you in a box (with a neat label).


But it’s still happening.

I’m still pushed

it keeps happening

I know why, though (this is comforting somehow)

But I know it won’t end well


Not for me

Not for us, many of us, most of us

Even those that think they aren’t us

Especially not you, you think you’ll be fine (you always are)


But when you push something by a cliff

To the edge, off the edge

Sometimes (not always) you are pulled too (not you)

To the bottom, together, where we all end broken (yes, you too)

And the box is shattered.

It didn’t protect anyone.

So Irresponsible

Go to college, they said
(to a kid from the trailer park)
You have scholarships, they said
(to a kid from the trailer park)
You can afford it, they said
(to a kid from the trailer park)
Loans will cover the rest
It’s only 20%.

There are no jobs, they said
(to a kid with student loans)
Go back to school, they said
(to a kid with student loans)
You will have scholarships, they said
(to a kid with student loans)
You’ll be able to afford it
It’s only 20%.

We want you in public service, they said
(to a kid with expensive degrees)
You can afford it, they said
(to a kid with expensive degrees)
We won’t ask for more than you can pay, they said
(to a kid with expensive degrees)
We’ll forgive the rest
Up to 100%.

So irresponsible!  So foolish!
Went to schools you couldn’t afford!
Took a job that didn’t pay!
This is your own fault!
You should have made better choices.

Little Blurby Thing

I wrote this with my thumbs in a tree stand while the deer weren’t biting.  It’s less of a story, and more the kernel of a story, but I’m posting it here (in all its raw glory) because I don’t want to lose it.  This is the kind of stuff that happens in my head when I’m sitting quietly in the woods.


We walk side by side through the ankle deep ash of the ruined city.
“We could have ruled here together,” Mishia says. Her resonant voice mourns the destruction. Her angelic face is a lie. I think her regret is as well.
I gesture to the blasted stone houses, the taupe colored sky from which ash falls like snow. “This says otherwise.”
“It could have been glorious.”
“Whenever we touch, we spread death.”
The ash we stir as we pass does not mar my white dress, her pale bare feet. My dress is as much a lie as her childlike features. If not more.
“It doesn’t always have to be so,” she says.
“It does.” I sound resigned.
The silence of the place envelopes us . That, at least, is real.
We go to the center, the temple where it all began, where plastered stairs rose toward the sky. They had been white once. Now they are the color of fear and death. There is only one brightness left in this world.
In the heart of our temple, the orb is still the color of flame and blood, the sound of childrens screams, the texture of new murder, at least to my eyes. I am beginning to fear that I will never know what Mishia sees. I can see in her eyes that it is something else, something joyous. It lies as much to us as we lie to each other, I think.
“Shall we try again?” Mishia reaches for the orb in her excitement, but looks to me before she touches it.
“We might as well,” I say.
This, at least, we do together. When we touch the orb, everything is destroyed, and everything is remade.

Anyway, consider that my apology for letting the holiday season get in the way of my posting schedule.