Technical Difficulties, Part 2

I seem to have accidentally deleted, instead of published, my scheduled post for yesterday on gritty details of the progress I use to make maps.  Normally I write up blog posts in Scrivener before I redraft them into WordPress and post them, but in this instance it was a post I wrote on my phone while I was very excited about the topic, and while I’m sure I could dig it out of my backups, I just don’t have the time or energy right now.

I’m very bummed.  Please bear with me, I’ll try to redraft it and have it up for next week.

More Site Problems

Well, as you may have noticed my WordPress was down again while I was on vacation.  I was getting 404/406 errors when I tried to connect, which meant I was unable to update again.  Of course, because we were on vacation I couldn’t have my husband fix it.  Alas!

In good news, I’m back from vacation, feeling refreshed, and ready to write again.  I started by scheduling a couple of posts into my buffer for Mondays.  Since I’m looking at doing NaNoWriMo this November (again), having some buffer space is definitely going to help me keep up with things.  I’m also looking into Scrivener for the first time ever.  I’m doing the free trial, of course, and I’ll have to decide after 30 days of uses if it’s something I’d like to pay for.  Scrivener has been recommended to me by a lot of people, and I’ll probably do a post or three about that.

I might also start doing a Wednesday book talk post thing.  This probably wouldn’t be regularly scheduled content, but would only happen if I’ve been reading recently and come across a book I have comments about.  I did a book review on Goodreads and I found it to be a really fun way to think about the book afterwards, and there’s no reason why I can’t do that here as well.