Action Sequences

I have several action sequences in my book, and they are some of the most tricky things for me to write. There is a balancing act between describing the character’s actions and leaving enough to the reader’s imagination. There is another balancing act between realism, and writing what I know. I’ve only been in one fight in my entire life, and it started and ended very quickly, almost before I realized what was happening. My favorite action sequences to read are those that move quickly and flow. It’s very difficult to reflect in writing exactly how fast things happen in real life.

Maybe it’s because I struggle so much with them and have to devote so much time to them that I have received a few compliments from my writing group on the pacing of my action sequences. Or who knows, maybe it’s all that RA Salvatore I read when I was a kid. In either case, it doesn’t seem to matter how satisfied other people are with my pacing, I’m never quite satisfied myself with how my action sequences turn out.

I think where I really struggle is working in character reflections. I end up with sequences that are very cinematic, but lack a lot of the connection to the characters that I feel is important to good to writing. This is something I’m just going to have to keep working on.

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