Writing Groups

I’ve seen a lot of benefit from doing a workshopping-style writing group once weekly.  It forces me to actually think about how to improve my writing, and also forces me to produce over the week so that I have something to bring.

But the internet-based writing group that I do over TeamSpeak seems to be dying.  We started with four writers, which was a good amount for workshopping everyone’s things and getting varied feedback without running for 8 hours, but the group has dropped off to where it’s just me and another guy.  I’ve tried to find something local, but the downside of not living in or near a city is that I don’t have a lot of selection in terms of in-person groups.  There is a group at the local university that looks more like a writers’ support group, when what I’m actually looking for is a workshopping group.  The nearest workshopping group is about 1 hour 20 minutes away, which translates to 3 hours of driving on my writing day.  I just can’t justify that.

I’m thinking about attending the support group once to see what sort of writers are there, and if anyone would be interested in forming a workshopping group at a different time and day.  And by ‘thinking about’ I mean that I’m trying to work myself up to it.  One of the downsides of being an introvert is that going new places gives me a mild form of social anxiety.

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