I wrote a little bit about perseverance a couple weeks ago, and that got me thinking about how long I’ve actually been at this.  I can’t really count the stories I wrote as a kid because I wasn’t serious about making writing a second career back then, but even not counting my childhood forays into writing, I’ve just now realized that I’ve been a writer for years.  I’ve been writing regularly since some time before 2012, because 2012 is when I submitted my first short story.  It’s now 2016 and I’ve been actively submitting for four years.  I’ve even had this blog for over a year, now.  In August that will be multiple years.

My mind is basically blown.

My life as a writer seems to be always changing, but since I’ve gotten serious about it, there’s a rough schedule that I follow.  It’s broken down loosely into periods of active writing (where I’m working on the rough draft of a new manuscript) and doing other writing-related tasks (where I’m revising old manuscripts or working on submissions).  But like with most things that operate in cycles, as each new cycle turns, you can lose track of how long you’ve been rolling around in the wheel.

Actively writing is the most fun part of being a writer for me, followed shortly by prewriting.  I don’t really mind revisions—they’re pretty easy for me, since I do them for my day job, and I can get excited at the measurable progress that moving through each chapter represents.  But I actively hate submissions.  The amount I enjoy something is about inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend actually doing it as a writer: I’ll actively write for a month or two, prewrite for two or three months, revise for six, and submit for years.

Basically, I’ve been doing a thing I hate for years because the unbelievable high of completing a story or manuscript outweighs the constant low-grade pain of the submission/rejection drudgery.

That’s all I have for you this week.  Nothing snappy, nothing seriously introspective, nothing about my process or tools I use or anything like that.  Just this little insight into how crazy I actually am.

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