Writer’s Block

I’m experiencing some “writer’s block” lately, and it’s pretty hard.  The problem isn’t that I don’t know what I’m going to write.  The problem is that I don’t really have the drive to just write it.  The only solution is that I need to just sit down at the keyboard.

A lot of stuff is going on in my life that is distracting me.  My dad is having a scary medical issue, we’re re-framing our windows because the sills were rotted out, my boss is retiring so work is a mess, I’m getting a new job, we’re getting a dog.  When I’m stressed out, I never necessarily feel stressed out.  It manifests itself in different ways.  I’m not really sleeping, I’m definitely not eating properly, and I’ve been spending most of my nights on the couch watching Food Network shows on Netflix.  I haven’t even been writing on my lunch breaks because I simply don’t have lunch breaks.  I’ve been going in early, working through lunch, and just happy if I can get home on time.  Because my writing group changed to a time that I have a scheduling conflict, I haven’t even had a writing group to prompt me along for the last two weeks.

I’ve decided that, today, I’m going to write during my lunch break.  I’m going to remove myself from my office so that I can’t answer the phones, emails, or get sucked into a case.  I’m going to take myself to a break room with my tablet and my lunch box and just write.  I don’t need to write well; I do need to start writing again.

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