Progress Update

This week was a heavy writing week. Yesterday, I finished rereading the Plague Novel and taking notes about things to revise and places to strengthen with the agent’s feedback in mind. Today, I’ve been working on a prologue.

Agent feedback thus far seems to work a lot like writing group feedback: a list of issues that I, as the writer, must decide whether to address and, if so, figure out solutions to. So now I have 32 handwritten pages of notes, thoughts, and possible fixes that I made as I went through the novel.

Part of me is embarrassed that my past self thought this was good enough to submit. It just goes to show that the more you practice an art, the better you get at critically evaluating your past work. I had to keep reminding myself that the purpose of this exercise is to fix it–I’ll rebuild it stronger and into a form that current me can be proud of.

And I’m well on the way. This weekend’s work will include finishing and revising the prologue and starting to work on the revisions that I noted. It’s going to be a struggle to stay away from small-scale sentence level stuff, but I’d like this first pass to focus on the larger issues. Only after I have the major revisions done will I give it a final fine-tooth pass before sending it to new beta readers.

My personal deadlines for myself are set and in my calendar. As long as I keep trekking forward at my present rate, I should have it back to the agent when I said I would.

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