Progress Update

I’m starting to get my first betas in (including my second-opinion sensitivity beta) and I’ve asked people to get back to me by the 17th, so hopefully I’ll have enough good feedback to go on.

So far, it seems like the changes have largely the suggested improvements from the agent, at least as I understood them. Two people have noted one of the “fixes” as creating more issues, so I’m going to have to take a hard look at that one and either remove it or re-evaluate the presentation.

While I’m waiting on the rest of the betas to get in, I’ve started the process of tedious micro-revisions on the beginning (which has received mostly positive feedback, so I’m sure it won’t require any more major changes). I’m half way through chapter 4 with the micro-revisions, and seem to be able to only do about a chapter a day. This could be problematic as I get closer to my self-set deadline. Especially since this coming weekend is a mess of family commitments.

Fortunately, I have an all-day write-in with CCWA coming up next Saturday, and a few vacation days at the end of July where I should be able to get major work done.

One of my goals is to get back under 80k words. The end of the major revisions saw me at almost 83k words, and ideally I’d like to get back under 79k solely by tuning my prose. I guess we’ll see!

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