Progress Update–Microrevisions DONE

Microrevisions are done!  They’re done they’re done they’re done THEY’RE DONE!  The most tedious part of revisions?  Done.

And I have to say, this manuscript is looking really good.  The original manuscript was 79k words.  After doing major revisions, it was up to 83k words.  The final result?  70,687 words.  This prose is so tight, it’s bolted to the floor.

I have only three things left to do before I resubmit to the agent:

1) Typographical revision.  Fixing typographical errors.  I swear, self, I will cut you if you try to start revising during the typo check.  TYPO FIXING ONLY.

2) Compilation.  I need to compile my Scrivener document into a format the agent wants to read.

3) Final read.  Making sure Scrivener didn’t bork anything.  Last-minute check for typos I missed during the typo check.

The combined total of these three steps should only take the rest of the weekend.  Which means that by Monday, barring unforeseen circumstances, I should have this manuscript back to the agent.  And then more waiting.

But for now, I’m so excited!

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