Rejections Suck, But You Can Help

Rejections suck. They really, really suck. You would think that after you rejections have long-since stopped climbing into the double-digits that they would suck less, and you would think wrong.

But there are some things that make them suck less. So if you see me post on social media about a recent rejection that stung, or talk to me about it in a coffee shop, I have provided this handy guide to what helps when engaging me about rejections.

Things that help:

  • a good hug or cuddle
  • having my feelings that it sucks be acknowledged
  • probably just letting me playing video games for a day or two, including letting me out of social engagements guilt-free
  • being told that my writing is good, especially how I nailed [aspect]
  • being asked if there’s anything they can do to help (there isn’t, but the sentiment is really sweet)

Things that I find less-than-helpful:

  • being told that all writers get rejections (I know)
  • being told that [famous writer here] got lots of rejections (I Know)
  • being told that I just need to keep at it (I KNOW)

Thanks, all! With your unstanding and support I’ll be better able to just keep at it until I have as many rejections as [famous author] because all writers get rejections.

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