Works in Progress

I’m currently looking for an agent for my finished novel manuscript:

  •   Surviving the Plague (about 78,000 words), in which a nerd’s connection to an asexual girl helps him survive the apocalypse.

I’m working on revising my second manuscript:

  • Flight, first draft finished 11/15, in which an airship captain’s daughter rescues a girl from certain death and finds love.

I’m plotting a third manuscript:

  • something with a generation ship arriving at its planet after a long time in space, or so the main character thinks

I have four short stories that I’m shopping around right now:

  • Bread Sacrifice, a science fiction story about the lengths a mother would go to save her children from starving
  • Fake Sister, a horror/urban fantasy story in which a fairie tale creature tries to steal a girl’s family
  • Greed, an urban fantasy about a good luck charm gone bad
  • Death Wish, a fantasy about a berserker seeking a good death

And I have three more stories in revision:

  • Lost and Found, a low-magic fantasy story
  • Soul Eater, a swashbuckling story about overcoming fear
  • Slice, a sci-fi story about virtual realities

Updated 2/4/16

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