Indeed I think that fortunate persons are those to whom is given, by gift of the gods, either to do things worth writing about, or to write things worth reading, and indeed, most fortunate are those to whom both are given. 

~Pliny the Younger

translation by Pedar W. Foss

About me:

gogreengowrite    I’m Tricia Warren, an attorney who is addicted to writing.  I live in Michigan, where I’m owned by two cats and a dog.  My day job is writing legal memorandums and drafting opinions.  I write for my own entertainment on my lunch breaks, and then I come home and write fiction for a couple more hours.  When I’m not writing, I’m usually either reading or creating collaborative stories through roleplaying games.  I really enjoy reading and writing.

   I wrote my first story when I was nine years old.  It was about a girl being discovered and rescued by a dragon. It was about 80 pages.  I still remember the plot, though one of my greatest regrets in life is that I lost the floppy disk that I saved it on.  Recently, I’ve written several short stories, and I’m currently working on selling my first novel, revising my second novel, and writing my third novel.  I’m unapologetically queer and my long-form works tend to explore diverse gender roles and sexual orientations.

   My other interests are all over the map.  I graduated with a major in history and primarily studied the Near and Far East, both ancient and modern.  I minored in Japanese and had the pleasure of studying Japanese at Seikei University in Tokyo, Japan.  Some of my dreams include learning Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic.  I also enjoy playing text-based RPGS (specifically ArmageddonMUD) and other video games, creating beaded jewelry, listening to death metal, costuming, and cooking.

About the blog:

     Thinking and writing about the process of writing keeps me engaged in writing, so I blog about writing.  I update Mondays (whatever thoughts about writing tickle my fancy), Fridays (any writing progress for the week), and sometimes Wednesdays (if I have thoughts about a book or story that I’ve read recently).

About comments:

     After some serious thought, I have decided to allow comments.  All comments are the sole responsibility of the commenters and don’t represent my views in any way.  Please keep comments mature and respectful.  I won’t moderate the comments for content, but I will remove comments that are off-topic or that use a lot of derogatory language.

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