Progress Update

2015-08-07 11.57.29

That right there is my excuse for a bad progress update.  Since I was on a vacation from Thursday to Tuesday, I really didn’t get much actual writing done last week.  And did I mention that my work and personal lives are exploding?  In my defense, I did some heavy mental lifting while driving the 22+ hours round trip to the Atlantic and back.  But not a lot of that has made it onto paper yet.

Basically, the only thing I did was revise one of my short stories on my Wednesday/Thursday lunches.  I massively reworked the ending of the Sister story.  I think I’ll do one or two alpha readers, one paper revision, and then look at submitting it around. At this point, I’m shooting for doing submissions next weekend.

If I say that here, I have to make it true: submissions happening next weekend. I’ll have two things to shop around and I don’t have anything out and about.  My reason for letting my short stories slide was that submissions take time and energy and I’ve been working so hard on the novel.  That excuse is no longer valid, either, so it’s time to get this show back on the road.  Let the rejections recommence!

On an unrelated matter, I think I’ll move my Sunday updates to Monday.  Monday/Friday updates seem a lot more symmetrical to me than Sunday/Friday, and the Friday updates should stay where they are because Fridays just feel like a day to mark progress.

Progress Update

While I’m waiting on Plague Novel feedback from my beta readers, I’ve been working on short stories.  This is what I’ve accomplished this week:

Reviewing my existing short stories to decide whether to market, redraft, or scrap.  The decisions I’ve made are hopefully fair.

Tattoo Magic story: retire but keep underlying ideas and world building for use in other stories or novels. Why? Because it’s a not the best short story, I’ve really grown as a writer since I wrote it, and I’ve marketed it everywhere I’ve wanted to. It’s decent and it’s served it’s purpose, but I can do better.

Bread Sacrifice: continue to market, maybe re-read and lightly edit. I’ve only shopped it around to 4 or 5 places. I despair of its chances because it’s not fitting into any standard sci-fi subgenre and it’s pretty dark, but I’m not giving up on it yet.

Greed: re-draft, market. I love the ideas. The character is weak. The ending needs work.

Slice: put in the maybe later bin. It’s not very original. Maybe use the good ideas and character in another story.

Sister: this has a lot of potential, but it needs a better ending and some plot hole paste. Work on this one seriously.

Lost and Found: I love this idea and it has a good character arc, but it needs a better opening and ending. And I need to pick a consistent style. Even though I love the way the writing reflects the character’s decline, I could do it better.

Those are the decisions I’ve made. As well as that, I’ve outlined a “lawyer story” that doesn’t yet have any working title, I’ve been researching the second plague novel book, and I’ve been mentally percolating my airship story/novella/novel/whatever. And doing a lot of reading.

Most of the work will have to wait until I get back from my vacation on the Atlantic Coast, though! I don’t expect to get much writing done next week, but hopefully I’ll do a lot of recharging.