Progress Update

Well.  It wasn’t a good week for NaNo or for anything else around here really.  Normally I front-load pretty heavily, but it’s not supposed to be so that I can emotionally crash and burn during week two.

Still, I’m back to writing again, some days with more focus than others:

  • Day 6: 20282
  • Day 7: 25088
  • Day 8: 25091 (“I am afraid.”  Will be worked into the novel.)
  • Day 9: 25092 (The single word this day was a swear, but I will also be working it into the novel)
  • Day 10: 31293 (I made myself go to a write-in.)
  • Day 11: 32454

I’m just now coming up on the half-way point of the book and getting to the part in my outline that is an absolute muddle.  I have a write-in tomorrow, a write-in Monday, and then more write-ins going forward into the week.  At this point I’m just going to let my characters take the wheel and hope they get me to the ending I picked out.  If not there, I hope they get me to a good and interesting one instead.