Writing Again

I’ve started writing regularly again.  I wanted to wait a week or two into it before making some kind of announcement, because I wanted to make sure it would stick this time.  It was a rough winter.  It has been a rough couple years.  I used to sort of laugh when people would say that writing is about perseverance, because I was never out of ideas or enthusiasm to write (even during my most depressed period), but now I know what it is to have neither the energy nor the enthusiasm for it.  When just getting by takes all of your energy, there isn’t a lot left over for unnecessary things like creativity.

I’m working on a new thing.  A story without an outline or predetermined ending.  I’m not usually a discovery writer, but this is a just for fun project, so I’m going to see where it takes me.

I haven’t abandoned the Tattoo Magic project.  But this idea just grabbed me, and while normally I’d throw it in my ideas folder and keep working on what I’d been working on, the actual urge and desire to write has been pretty scarce lately.  So I grabbed hold if it while it existed, and I’m trucking along, hand-writing a few pages while on lunch at work and putting those into Scrivener when I get home.

In the worst case scenario, one or both of these projects get put in the mental drawer with the other half-finished projects.

Progress Update

Holiday weekends and holiday weeks are always hard.  In good news, I got to spend a lot of time with my family!  In bad news, I didn’t get very much writing done.

The first story in the short story series is Done with a capital “D,” though I’ll probably give it one final read before I launch the project.  The second story is a bit more problematic.  I’ve discovered that it needs quite a bit of work as I’m reading it through, which is kind of discouraging, but I plan on plugging away at that this coming week.

Progress Update

As with everything writing-related, things tend to take longer than I think they will.  It’s taken me about two weeks to get one story from drafted to what I consider reader ready.  That said: the first of the Tattoo Magic stories is reader ready and off to my proofreader (Jared).  I’ve also spent a good amount of time putting work into my Patreon page.  It’s not live yet, but I want it to be ready for launch when I need it.

One down, three to go until launch!

Progress Update

As you can see from my previous post, I finished Surviving the Road!  I also submitted four out of my eight possible queries, decided that I’d see how the responses on those look before I submit the other four, applied for the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat, and did some major world-building and magic-system-fleshing-out for the secondary world setting in which I intend to set a bunch of short stories.

On the plate for this coming week is seriously looking into Patreon for my short stories and doing more world-building for what I’m thinking of as the Tattoo Magic world.  I likely won’t start revising Flight, my second book, until February.  I’m giving myself a little time to cool off from the high-pressure stuff like drafting and revising in favor of something a little more light-hearted.

Progress Update!

Okay, here is the update of the last two weeks of wordcount by day!

  • Day 12: 34706
  • Day 13: 38052
  • Day 14: 40101
  • Day 15: 40575
  • Day 16: 43620
  • Day 17: 50533
  • Day 18: 51533
  • Day 19: 58852
  • Day 20: 72167 (this is what competitive all-day write-ins do for me)
  • Day 21: 72601
  • Day 22: 75088
  • Day 23: 75174
  • Day 24: 75215 (d’oh)
  • Day 25: 75215

I was going for the write every day for 30 days participation badge.  As you can see, I again didn’t make it this year.

Progress Update

Well.  It wasn’t a good week for NaNo or for anything else around here really.  Normally I front-load pretty heavily, but it’s not supposed to be so that I can emotionally crash and burn during week two.

Still, I’m back to writing again, some days with more focus than others:

  • Day 6: 20282
  • Day 7: 25088
  • Day 8: 25091 (“I am afraid.”  Will be worked into the novel.)
  • Day 9: 25092 (The single word this day was a swear, but I will also be working it into the novel)
  • Day 10: 31293 (I made myself go to a write-in.)
  • Day 11: 32454

I’m just now coming up on the half-way point of the book and getting to the part in my outline that is an absolute muddle.  I have a write-in tomorrow, a write-in Monday, and then more write-ins going forward into the week.  At this point I’m just going to let my characters take the wheel and hope they get me to the ending I picked out.  If not there, I hope they get me to a good and interesting one instead.

Oops! “Friday” NaNo Progress Update

Oops! I lost track of time and suddenly it’s Saturday! Here are my NaNo numbers for last week:

  1. 3995 (including a midnight write-in)
  2. 6049
  3. 13175 (including a write-in)
  4. 13239 (burn out from the day before!)
  5. 18704

So far I’m on track for meeting my stretch goal of writing the whole novel during November! Whee!

Progress Update

I haven’t really had much in terms of progress this week, besides decided to write Plague Novel the Second this NaNoWriMo.  I’ve also started up with my critique partner again.  We’re working through the Flight novel, which is what I’ll be revising after I finish the first draft of PNtS.

Progress Update

As I mentioned in my Monday post, I’m presently doing some recharging of my creative batteries. This doesn’t mean that I’m entirely inactive as a writer, though!

I’m catching up on some YA and short-story reading, preparing my talk for the CCWA (more on that in Monday’s post), and meeting with my resurrected writing group on Sunday. I’m also still trying to decide what to prep for NaNoWriMo. Right now, I’m leaning Plague Novel Sequel, though continuing or finishing the Touchdown novel is also a possibility.